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Who creates the beautiful art you see on our products?

Who creates the beautiful art you see on our products?

Who creates the beautiful art you see on our products?

We get a lot of inquiries about where we source the gorgeous art for our products. The answer is we source from several small stay at home mom graphic designers, such as The Occult Godess, Just peachy designs, Me oh My designs, as well as Brittany frost designs, and tatracottage designs. However we have recently moved towards commissioning exclusive pieces of art, working closely with two really talented and kind mama artists. 

we asked our sweet artists a few questions to get to know them better. 

Gracie Marsh of two & moon designs 

* Where are you from? I was born in Dallas Texas but raised in Forney Texas where the closest store was a Brothers Brookshires and the only food was a Dairy Queen or a food fast gas station.

* Where are you currently located? I live in a small Texas town called Mabank where everybody knows their neighbors and it feels like one big family!

* Name Gracie Marsh
* Age? 25
* How long have you been creating? My business will officially be one years old on June 21st 2022 from the day we launched public! i got into creating seamless designs and pngs when I was pregnant with my last baby and only baby girl and we started repping for a bow shop but I knew I wanted certain designs that I just couldn’t find anywhere else so I decided to try it out for myself and fell in love!
* Kids? I have three babies! My oldest Son is Deckard Wayne Marsh he is 5 and I had him when I was 19 two years later when I was 21 I found out we were having another little boy Koal Maxon Marsh he is now 3 and once again two years later we were told we were expecting another little boy my heart ached for a little girl to experience that mother daughter bond but I was so in love with the idea of another son and finishing my pregnancy journey with three perfect boys we went in for our five month check up and discovered we were actually having a baby girl! Mazie Moon Marsh is now 1!
* Sahm? Or other outside of the home work? im actually a professional photographer and have been since 2017! But when I’m not at shoots I am at home taking care of my littles and designing!
* Who are your biggest artistic influences? I actually have huge inspiration from my grandmothers sister who passed before I ever was able to meet her but her amazing painting and sketch books were left in our family and I always was inspired by the beauty in them and their flaws.
* Tell me about your favorite medium. i actually love watercolor but I’m still learning the boundaries with it digitally I love how it does what it wants and you have to work with what happens nothing can be truly planned with watercolor!
* Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration from my children, I notice the things they tend to get intrigued by or interested in I also love taking inspiration from my friends and clients and learning more about what is in their world!
* When is your favorite time of day to create? I love to draw my designs at night. When the kids are asleep and even when my husband is asleep something about the midnight hour gets all my creativity flowing!
* What motivates you to create? Honestly seeing the designs come to life, seeing them on other mamas babies and the joy on the Childs face from a simple design!
* Does art help you in other areas of your life? It definatly helps in a therapeutic way imagine starting something from scratch and slowly watching it come together beautifully and then placing that on a design to make almost a perfect puzzle, it has this mezmorizing feature to it.
* How do you develop your art skills? I actually was told since I was younger that my oldest brother was the artist in our family, I remember practicing for any amount of recognition for some of my drawing or paintings and always falling short and it just pushed me to teach myself the skills I needed for the recognition I was craving.
* Do you enjoy working with Alaskan Wildlings? I Absolutely Could not ask for a better client, no, partner. to work with when designing her graphics! Her ideas are inspirational and beautiful and original which is all I could ever ask for from someone I plan to work with for a VERY long time!
* What’s your favorite design you’ve created for Alaskan wildlings so far? I have a few but my top favorite right now is the bear and the moose mountain top range something about the blues and the beautiful yellow sun popping in the background is breath taking to me!
* If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why? What’s actually funny is my first tattoo was a spruce tree the spruce tree was dedicated to Artemis who is the goddess of the moon and if you can tell I am in love with the magical moon itself! The evergreen needles signifying resilience and strength and I feel as if that is the perfect description of me.




Our second lovely artist we’ve been working with for over a year is 

Katrina Anne Ryan with SomeFinnGraphics

Hi! I’m Katrina Ryan, an artist momma based out of Huntsville, Alabama. I’ve been dreaming of becoming an artist for as long as I can remember and went to school for fine art at NIU. When I married my wonderful husband, I knew I wanted to find a way to make art a part of my life. I tried every avenue from photography to paint and sips to teaching art lessons. When we started our family, I decided to draw for selfcare and hesitantly shared a few of my designs online. When I saw how welcoming and supportive the small business community was I jumped in head first and haven’t looked back. Along the way I’ve worked with some of the best shops, of course that includes Alaskan Wildings! When I found out that my work could be on sweet baby bottoms I said “sign me up” and then ordered a bunch of cloth diapers for my munchkins! I am always so impressed by the quality and love put into Aws products and couldn’t recommend them more!



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