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How to Gain Support from Friends and Family When Cloth Diapering

How to Gain Support from Friends and Family When Cloth Diapering

How to Gain Support from Friends and Family When Cloth Diapering

Your decision to cloth diaper was not taken lightly. You spent hours researching whether it was the right choice for your little wildlings. And, on top of that, you scoured the internet for the best cloth diaper brands. The point is, you know what you’re doing and have good reasons for your choices! 

But, just because you make the choice to cloth diaper, doesn’t mean everyone in your circle is on board. In fact, you might face opposition. This can be super frustrating! Your parents or spouse may refuse to cloth diaper when watching your little wildling. And, friends and family may rudely say your choice is “dirty. ”Whatever it is, it’s tough. 

Many cloth diaper moms have been through this. Cloth diapering is coming more and more into the mainstream, but it’s still pretty taboo. This can make it so hard to get the support you need! To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled a list of tips to get family and friends on-board with your cloth diapering decision! 

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How to Gain Support from Friends and Family When Cloth Diapering

Remember you don't need to justify your choice. 

You know what’s best for your baby. Just like you don’t need to justify your feeding or sleeping choices, you don’t need to justify your diapering decision. So, before we get too far, be aware that gaining everyone’s acceptance is not the goal.

You know cloth diapering isn’t dirty or unhealthy. You know it saves you lots of money. And, you know the choice is better for the environment. Don’t let anyone tell you lies about yourself or your parenting preferences. You are a rockstar for embarking on this cloth journey for your family!  

Ask them questions.

Instead of being annoyed and hurt by those comments your loved ones make about cloth diapering, see it as an opportunity. Ask them what bothers them about cloth diapering or why they’re unwilling to try. Then, provide logical answers and easy solutions to their problems. 

When you’ve answered their questions and they aren’t interested in learning anymore, back off. Wait for another opportunity and give some more information. Over time, the idea of cloth diapering will feel less strange. And, their preconceived notions about cloth will break down with your gentle education. 


The best way to teach is through demonstration! For those that think cloth diapering is dirty, difficult, and pointless, simply show them otherwise. Happily cloth diaper, show off those cute prints, and share your enthusiasm! 

After a while, your loved ones will want to understand why you enjoy cloth diapering. They’ll see how easy it is to snap on a pocket diaper. They might even borrow a cloth diaper in a pinch. The point is, your enthusiasm will be infectious. Your friends and family won’t be able to resist engaging in your cloth diapering journey! 

Consider easier diapers for them. 

If you’re expecting your spouse, friends, or family to use cloth diapers when they’re with your baby, try to keep it simple. Even if you love flats, prefolds, and preflats, they might be a little much for a newbie. 

Consider getting some pockets or all-in-ones for beginners! These diapers are the most similar to disposables and require little extra training. Additionally, hold off on the cloth wipes until they’re more comfortable. Both of these adjustments will help your loved ones see how simple cloth diapering can be. They’ll be saying, “It’s really that easy?”

Start with small victories. 

We hear a lot that spouses aren’t willing to use cloth diapers of any kind. But, after a few weeks or months, they’re willing to do a little. Maybe they will change pocket diapers that are poop free. Then, a little down the road, they’ll try out changing poop, but won’t spray it. Soon enough, they’re doing it all with you and bragging to their buddies about how much money they’re saving. 

The point is, celebrate every victory! Even if they’re only doing a little, it’s a step in the right direction. They may not be convinced of all the benefits of cloth diapers until they tacitly experiment with the process themselves. Most of the time, they all come around to the idea! (Especially if they’re not the ones doing the laundry!)

Don't apologize. 

Never feel the need to apologize for your cloth diapering choice. It confirms that it's wrong and weird to the person you're apologizing to. You did nothing bad! In fact, you made a brave, sacrificial choice for your little wildlings. 

Babysitters can use cloth diapers. Your extended family can deal with you doing diaper laundry while in town for Christmas. Spouses can put up with a little extra bulk when zipping sleepers. Be kind, but don’t apologize. You’re a superstar!

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Set firm boundaries.

Now that you know you have no reason to feel sorry for your choices, set firm boundaries. Your baby is diapered under YOUR RULES. And, your expensive diapers MUST be treated the way you demand it. If your family and friends want to support you, they can do this by respecting your firm diapering boundaries. 

Be patient.

You know better than anyone that cloth diapering is no simple thing. For someone not interested originally, the notion of using reusable diapers can be totally overwhelming! So, share information when they’re willing to listen, demonstrate your choice, and explain how they can support you. But, don’t have lofty expectations. 


Most of the time, loved ones come around. Don’t push. Figure out what they need to come aboard, and provide that if you can. If you can’t, joyfully cloth diaper your baby and wait. Soon, you might even have mom friends that come and ask you, “So, how do I get started?”

"How to Gain Support From Friends and Family when Cloth Diapering: Remember you don't need to justify your choices, ask them questions, demonstrate, consider easier diapers for them, start with small victories, don't apologize, set firm boundaries, and be patient."

Everyone should respect your decision to cloth diaper, but getting family and friends to support you on your journey might take a while.

You deserve a village to help you with all things parenting. But when cloth diapering, that kind of support is hard to come by with all the stigma. But, with some patience, joyful demonstration, and graceful education, we hope your family and friends understand soon why you’ve made these sustainable diapering choices. 

In the meantime, we can be your village! Our blog has all sorts of helpful cloth diapering information, and our Facebook group is like a little family. We discuss anything that has to do with cloth diapering and raising little wildlings. Join our Alaskan Wildlings tribe and let’s do this thing together—your loved ones will join soon enough. 

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