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15 Gifts for Cloth Diaper Moms

15 Gifts for Cloth Diaper Moms

Explore why cloth diapers are more than just a practical choice for crunchy moms—it's a lifestyle and hobby that combines sustainability with adorable and fashionable cloth bums

Cloth diaper moms have the best taste. I mean, have you seen those cute cloth bums? If there’s one thing cloth has over disposables, it’s that they’re much more stylish. Anyway, if the crunchy mom in your life is like us, cloth diapering isn’t just a parenting choice, it’s a lifestyle and hobby!

And, with any good lifestyle and hobby, you find the need to collect and expand. So, if you’re wracking your brain, trying to figure out what to get for a friend or family member that cloth diapers, follow this guide! Anything cloth diaper related will not only be practical, but loved and appreciated by the receiver! Here are 15 gifts for cloth diaper moms: 

15 Gifts for Cloth Diapers Moms


Pods are the perfect gift, because they’re cloth diaper “nice-to-haves.” Meaning, your loved one may have never pulled the trigger and bought a pod! Though, we can tell you, they’ve been looking at them. And, if they already have a pod, don’t be afraid to get them more. You can really never have enough. 

What are pods? They’re storage bags specially designed for all-in-two, all-in-one, and pocket cloth diapers. Their unique square shape means organizing, packing, and storing cloth diapers is a breeze! (Not to mention super fun and cute.)

Cloth Wipes

When you start cloth diapering, you buy a handful of wipes for diaper changes, thinking you’ll be good to go. Soon, though, everyone sees the usefulness of cloth wipes, and the family is using them for EVERYTHING. Tissues. Napkins. Paper towels. Wash clothes. You spill it, her family uses cloth wipes to clean it up. 

This means that the cloth diaper mama in your life is ALWAYS short on cloth wipes. Getting a few 10-packs of cloth wipes will not only make her day, but it’ll also allow for more time between laundry days. Now, that’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Waterproof Bags

These bags are the ULTIMATE cloth diaper gift. They’re infinitely versatile with the three handy sizes, so your loved one could use them for more than just storing dirty diapers. They’re great for swimsuits, groceries, laundry, snacks, diaper bags, and so much more. This gift is super useful and comes at a great price. You’re sure to please with this one! 


If the cloth mama in your life doesn’t have a sprayer, she needs one. A diaper sprayer is a toilet attachment that sprays pressurized water onto your diapers to get off the gunk. It takes no plumbing experience and saves a lot of headaches. Many moms also love to use it for cleaning, hand washed laundry, and more! 

3-Tier Cart

Cloth diapering requires a lot of “stuff.” A 3-tiered cart like this one allows them to store all their diapers, wipes, and other supplies with ease. Plus, carts like these allow you to display the cute diapers in a super aesthetic way. So cute and practical! 

Collage of cloth diaper mom gifts including a car, spraypal, pod, bags, shirt, and wipes

Wool Bottoms

This gift is on the pricier side, but wool is a crunchy mom’s best friend. It has unique properties that allow it to both absorb moisture and wick it away, making it a great cover for diapers! If you buy wool pants too, they can double as a cover and clothes. 

Though wool is great for winter, it’s really helpful in any season. Wool retains temperature, so whether their baby runs hot or cold, it’ll keep them comfortable and dry. 

Coordinated Cloth Diaper Outfit

No cloth diaper mom would ever deny the absolute cuteness of a coordinated cloth diaper outfit. At Alaskan Wildlings. We have a ton of pairings, but here’s a favorite: Take this Alaska diaper, and add this matching bib, this Alaskan Wildling shirt, and this cute Alaska hat. Throw in the blanket for a full set that you could assemble into an adorable gift basket. So fun! 

Coordinated cloth diaper outfit using a diaper, hat, shirt, bib, and blanket

“Cloth Diaper Mama” Shirt

But, we can’t leave Mama out! Get her this super cute bleached tied-off shirt that says “Cloth Diaper Mama.” It’s stylish and speaks to her lifestyle. Or, if she’s in our Alaskan Wildlings’ tribe, snag one of these crewnecks for her next holiday gift! 

Wipe Bits

Lots of moms like to use cloth wipe solution over water to get that extra layer of clean that you’d get with a disposable wipe. (But, without all the chemicals.) Wipe bits are concentrated soap balls that you dilute in water and pour over cloth wipes. They smell good and are great for a little wildling’s sensitive skin. 

Doublers and Extra Inserts

As a child grows, they need more absorbency. They also need a little extra padding during naps, bedtime, and car rides. Because of this, extra inserts and doublers are welcome. These are extra layers of fabric that will absorb more liquid and prolong the time between changes. You can grab our high quality inserts here, or opt for a thinner doubler here

Paper Towel Alternative

It’s not unusual for a cloth diaper mom to start replacing ALL the disposable products in her house with reusable ones after she starts cloth diapering. Paper towel alternatives are a great way to be more eco-friendly and continue to support your loved one’s cloth journey! They make tons of adorable prints now too, so your kitchen can go from drab white sheets to vibrant patterns and colors. 

Easy Access PJs

Changing a cloth diaper butt is a little more work. Easy access PJs are a great gift, because those late night changes fumbling diaper snaps is hard enough. Make those nighttime changes easier with a gown or a footie with a two-way zipper

Wipes Container

Wipes containers can be quite boring. Plain white plastic boxes and clear Tupperware is what most moms use, but why? Let’s make it stylish! These ceramic loaf pans are the perfect size for wet or dry cloth wipes, and they’re super easy to clean! If the mom would prefer something a little more mobile, check out this cloth wipe dispenser! 

Laundry Soap Containers

You do a lot of laundry when you cloth diaper. Aesthetic laundry soap containers just make all that time in the laundry room a little more enjoyable. If you want to do something really special, find out what detergent they use, and pre-fill the container before you give it. They’ll appreciate this practical gift!  

Collage of cloth diaper mom gifts including inserts, wipe bits, wool pants, paper towel alternatives, pjs, laundry detergent jars, and wipes container

The cloth diaper mom in your life deserves something practical and cute from this gift guide! 

Christmas is just around the corner. Grab your loved one a gift from this list, or, if you’re the cloth diaper mom, send this guide to your family and friends. We hope this helped make giving a little easier this year! Check back every week for more content on cloth diapering, and don’t forget to browse our shop for even more holiday finds!
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