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5 Coordinated Cloth Diaper Outfits for Fall

5 Coordinated Cloth Diaper Outfits for Fall

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What’s the best part about cloth diapering? Is it saving money? Is it sustainability? Or, is it all the adorable prints? Okay, it’s probably one of the first two, but the cute designs are DEFINITELY a plus. So much so, many cloth diaper moms like to assemble their little wildlings daily outfits using what’s on the bum as inspiration. 

So, today we’re showcasing some adorable fall outfits that feature an Alaskan Wildlings cloth diaper! We paired each outfit with bottoms, though we know many of you don’t put your cloth diapered kiddo in pants around the house. You want to see that cute diaper! So, we did not include any onesies or overalls that would cover the bum. All these looks can be worn with or without the curated bottoms.

Alright, let’s get into it! Here are 5 cloth diaper outfits that your little wildling can don this fall and winter season: 

5 Coordinated Cloth Diaper Outfits or FallCurated cloth diaper outfit using an orange and black color scheme.

Storybook Bear with Red Orange Tees and Quilted Jacket

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? I see an adorable fall outfit screaming, “Buy me!” Okay, that was a bit cheesy, but this ensemble is so cute. It’s gender neutral with a red/orange and black color scheme using the tees, jacket, and Alaskan Wildlings pocket diaper

Both the t-shirt duo and the jacket come from Mac & Moon, so the colors pair perfectly together. We also love that the shirts come in a two-pack for any unexpected post-lunch wardrobe changes. This outfit could work lots of different ways too! 

You could do just a t-shirt and diaper. Or, if it’s cold, you could add the twill pants. And, if you’re headed out of the house, put on the jacket. You build layers and it just keeps getting cuter! 

Curated cloth diaper outfit using a brown and green color scheme

Teal/Brown Tie Dye with Knit Sweater and Drool Bibs

Here’s another gender neutral look! It was inspired by this tie dye pocket diaper that has hippie vibes, but in a more muted color palette. We used that muted scheme and assembled the rest of the look. With the diaper, add the cotton fleck knit sweater from Three Peas that has all these subtle hints of color worked into the natural knit. It’s so cute! 

Of course, you could stop there and have a super adorable outfit. But, for this ensemble, we also paired the sweater with a set of three drool bibs and a pair of cotton bottoms. They carry that beautiful teal color through the rest of the outfit and bring out the color in the sweater. 

You could use this look as everyday babywear or use it to dress them up for a holiday event! It’s super versatile and you can use the pieces to assemble or accent other outfits too! 

Peanut butter and jelly themed curated cloth diaper outfit

PB&J Themed Velour Skirt and Graphic Tee Outfit 

This outfit is for those powerful female little wildlings! We made this look pop with whimsical carnival colors and used a “peanut butter and jelly” theme to tie it all together.

First, you need the “I don’t give a jam!” t-shirt from our shop, then put on the velour black skirt from Hanna Anderson. The velvety texture elevates the plain t-shirt to make it more stylish and fun!

To warm it up for the season, add this marshmallow fleece jacket (it’s on sale right now!) in “rose blossom.” The addition of another texture and shape totally balances this look. Then, all you need is a pair of knit knee high socks, and a PB&J bib and diaper. We can’t forget about the diaper! 

Cloth diaper outfit with a Northern Lights theme.

Blue and Green Color Bleed with Aurora Grow-with-Me Hoodie

This look is for all you mommas who like edgier baby looks! Start with our “Spring Vibes” pocket diaper that has this really cool blue and green color bleed design. Then, add the grow-with-me hoodie that has an Alaskan landscape featuring the Northern Lights printed across the front. 

This hoodie is really cool, because it features fold-over sleeves to expand or shrink depending on the size of your child. They can wear this hoodie WAY longer than most clothes they’re currently wearing, which means we have to buy clothes less frequently. That's good for our wallets and good for the planet!

Anway, to finish the look, add metallic leggings, a metallic bow, and these high-top black sneakers. Right now, it’s a little more feminine, but ditching the bow could make it just the right amount of masculine for your little guy! 

Christmas plaid cloth diaper outfit.

Plaid with Velour Dress and Felt Headband

Here’s one last look for your little girl! This would be the perfect holiday outfit. It’s formal but still allows you to enjoy the print on those adorable diapers. The base of this outfit is our “Christmas Pajamas” orange/red plaid diaper and this Hanna Anderson velour dress.

Next, add a pair of stockings and a felt headband. If you’re going out, add a pair of white Mary Jane pumps and a peacoat. Can’t you just see your little wildling in this DARLING ensemble?

Cloth diapers are another piece to style with your child’s daily outfits!

Do you love these curated looks? Which one is your favorite? Definitely tell us in the comments! And, if you want to keep your baby stylish and coordinated all day, build a whole stack that goes with your look.

You can find more cloth diapers here, and don’t forget to check the clearances section! For more looks and cloth diapering content, check out the rest of our blog

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