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7 Reasons a Modern Mom would Cloth Diaper

7 Reasons a Modern Mom would Cloth Diaper

7 Reasons a Modern Mom would Cloth Diaper

Why Modern Moms Choose this Diapering Method. Dive into our informative blog post to explore the resurgence of cloth diapering and the reasons why modern moms

Explore the resurgence of cloth diapering and the reasons why modern moms are choosing this diapering method in this informative blog post. Discover how recent advancements have made cloth diapering more convenient and accessible for busy parents 

7 Reasons a Modern Mom would Cloth Diaper

Cloth diapering fell out of the mainstream in the 1970s. For years, cloth diapers had little advancement and few modern moms even considered using them. In the last few years, however, cloth diapers have risen steadily in popularity. The question is, why? 

Cloth diapers have made a comeback because of recent advancements. Parents have a lot more options than just flour sack towels and rubber diaper pants! (Though, those tried-and-true methods still work just fine.) Now, parents can cloth diaper with ease, no matter how busy they are or how much they like laundry!

As cloth diapering became easier and more accessible to the masses, modern moms began turning back to this previously endangered diapering method. Again, we ask, why? The truth is, there is not one reason a parent chooses to cloth diaper. Each benefit of cloth diapering appeals more to some moms than others.  

So, today, we’re going to go through the main reasons modern moms choose to cloth diaper! Who knows? You might even find yourself on this list and realize cloth diapering is the right choice for you! Here are seven reasons a modern mom would cloth diaper: 

Mom and two kids in white bamboo jammies cuddling. It reads "7 Reasons a Modern Woman would Cloth Diaper."

7 Reason a Modern Mom would Cloth Diaper

#1 Eco-Friendly 

This is the reason everyone thinks of first. Disposable diapers contribute significantly to our landfills and can take up to 500 years to decompose. It’s a given that anytime you use a disposable product, it hurts our sacred planet

So, using reusable diapers for your little wildlings will definitely reduce your family’s negative environmental impact. Even when you consider the energy and water needed to wash cloth diapers, they’re still way more eco-friendly than the disposable diaper alternative! 

Many modern moms turn to cloth diapering because it’s better for the environment. And, this is a great reason to switch your tribe from a disposable diapering family to a cloth diapering one! These moms feel a strong sense of responsibility to preserve our resources and practice HA AANÌ. This is one of the number one reasons you’ll hear for cloth diapering, but it isn't the only reason. 

#2 Affordable

Saving money is another big reason modern moms decide to cloth diaper. Cloth diapering is a huge savings over disposables, especially if you are having multiple kids! Not only can you use the same cloth diapers for all of your little wildlings, but you can donate them to The Cloth Option when you’re done and bless a needy mom with an affordable diapering option. 

We did a cost analysis here and found that building a stash with Alaskan Wildlings pockets and diapering supplies will cost around $450. These would be the only diapers you’d ever need! Disposable diapering, on the other hand, costs about $3,000 per child. Cloth diapering is a clear money saver! Even if you decide to build a bigger stash or get some helpful diapering accessories.  

#3 Sensitive Skin

Reasons #1 and #2 were probably the main reasons that came to mind when considering why a mom might choose to cloth diaper. But, another popular reason parents decide to cloth diaper is because their child has sensitive skin. The chemicals and materials used to make disposable diapers can wreak havoc on the bottoms of sensitive babies, making diapering a nightmare!

Many parents have found lots of success cloth diapering with quality materials and fabrics that keep baby’s bottom and legs smooth. No blisters or burns. No tears. Just cute cloth diaper bums! Once moms of sensitive babies find out cloth diapering can be a relief for their struggling little wildling, they make the switch. It’s an easy choice! 

Baby laying on his or her stomach in a white shag rug with a printed cloth diaper on.

#4 Stylish Options

This one might seem surprising, but cloth diaper moms LOVE the cute cover prints that are out there! There are hundreds of cloth diaper shops, and each one has their own variety of prints. Parents will buy, trade, and collect to get their favorite patterns or colors.

Whether they want the perfect diaper to go with a summer outfit or they love the design’s pop culture reference, modern moms adore that today’s cloth diapers are so stylish! Honestly, we get it. Here at Alaskan Wildlings we even coordinate wet bags, t-shirts, pods, covers, and more to make adorable cloth diaper ensembles! It’s just the cutest. 

#5 Convenience 

You read that right. Some modern moms choose to cloth diaper, because it’s convenient! Living a rural area or having odd work hours might prevent you from regularly getting to a store that sells diapers. If your child has a sensitivity, it might be even more difficult to get the diapers that your baby needs. 

Additionally, with cloth diapers at home all the time, you never have to worry about running out. If you do run out, you just throw them in the wash! Plus, pocket diapers like we have at Alaskan Wildlings are one-size, so no wasted diapers when your child sizes up. You just pop open the rise a little and you’ve got a perfect fit every time. Cloth diapers are SO convenient! 

#6 Self-Sufficiency

This goes hand-in-hand with the last one. In this scary world of supply chain shortages, you never know what’s next! Many modern moms who felt the stress of the diaper and formula shortages during and after the pandemic would rather not be dependent on what stores have on the shelves. 

When you cloth diaper, you become self-sufficient! No matter what, you’ve got a diaper for your little wildling. Remember, cloth diapering doesn’t have to be all or nothing, so many prepared parents buy partial cloth diaper stashes in case of emergencies. It’s the responsible thing to do for your family in this crazy world. 

#7 Customizable 

Disposable diapers work one way and one way only. Cloth diapers allow for a lot more customization for your little wildling’s specific size and needs. If your child is a heavy wetter, you can add more inserts. If your child hates feeling wet, you can add a stay-dry liner. If you are sick of constant blowouts, you can achieve the perfect fit. 

Modern moms pick up cloth diapers after being frustrated by constant leaks or discomfort. Reusable cloth diapers come in so many styles and with so many optional add-ons, finding a solution to a specific problem just requires a little trial and error. Once you’ve got that perfect combination, you have a specialized diaper just for your little wildling! 

Reads: "7 Reasons Modern Moms Cloth Diaper: Eco-Friendly, Affordable, Sensitive Skin, Stylish Options, Convenience, Self-Sufficiency, Customizable."

Modern moms decide to cloth diaper for more reasons than one!

Cloth diapers might be one size fits all, but the reasons behind a diapering choice definitely aren’t! There are lots of reasons why cloth diapers are the best choice for various families. When you decide to cloth diaper, you are not sacrificing or compromising, you’ll actually experience the full range of benefits that come with making this sustainable choice. It’s not just the environment that benefits when you cloth diaper, but your tribe does too! 

What’s the reason you cloth diaper? Or why are you considering cloth diapering? Let us know in the comments, or tell us all about it on Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to hear from you and add you to our helpful and supportive diapering community. 


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