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Pocket cloth diapers on a line with text: "How to Wash Cloth Diapers with No Washer."

How to Wash Cloth Diapers with No Washer

How to Wash Cloth Diapers with No Washer

Making the choice to cloth diaper is easy on the environment and easy on your wallet. Plus, all those cute prints are easy on the eyes! But, there are other factors that make cloth diapering seem impractical or even impossible. One of those concerns might be the fact you don't have a washing machine! 

Well, have no fear. You can totally cloth diaper without a washing machine! In fact, people did it for hundreds of years. And, moms all around the world cloth diaper daily without access to a machine or even running water. Recently, even, our own water pump went out at the house, and we had to hand wash for a couple weeks! 

All that being said, not having a washer shouldn’t deter you from cloth diapering. It’s totally possible to get a great clean without washer. Here’s how to hand wash cloth diapers:

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How to Wash Cloth Diapers with No Washer

Bucket and Plunger

One of the best ways to clean diapers without a washer is with a bucket and plunger. You simply grab a bucket (5 gallon ones work great), add a few diapers, some detergent, and plunge away! Rinse and plunge again until you don’t see any more suds. 

The plunger is the agitator that’s using friction to get your diapers super clean. This one takes some muscle, and you can only do a few diapers at a time, but we think it’s the best way to hand wash cloth diapers! It’s not only easy and effective, but you probably have the tools to do it lying around your house! 

Woman using a bucket and plunger to wash cloth diapers.

Bathtub and Hands

You’ve probably hand washed a delicate sweater this way before. Simply drop your stash into the tub, fill it up, add detergent, and use your hand to agitate and scrub. You can do all your diapers at once this way, which is really nice! However, it’s definitely a workout agitating with your hands alone.

Once you’re done washing, use your diaper sprayer or the faucet to rinse each diaper. You don’t want any detergent build-up, so give each diaper a really good rinsing! Like the bucket and plunger method, this process doesn’t require you to buy any new tools. You can use this method on the go too, like in a hotel or at a vacation home!

Tub and Washboard

A washboard is another way to agitate diapers! It’s totally old school, but it totally works. Buy a quality washboard, fill your tub or washbasin, add some detergent, and get to scrubbing. The washboard is a great surface for scrubbing. There’s definitely no reason to worry about getting out stains or EBF poop with this handy tool. Once you’re done scrubbing, rinse until all the detergent is out.

The washboard does take some elbow grease, and you’ll probably have to purchase one. (Unless you have grandma’s lying around somewhere.) But, if you plan to handwash regularly, a washboard is a great investment. You’ll probably find yourself using it for a lot more than diapers. 

Washing diapers without a washing machine is not only possible, but easy and eco-friendly! 

Stack of pocket cloth diapers with text: Washing diapers without a washing machine is not only possible, but easy and eco-friendly!

That’s right. Washing diapers without a machine is something anyone can do! Whether you’re mega-crunchy and just want to reduce your carbon footprint even further OR you’re in a living situation that doesn’t provide laundering perks, you can do this. Grab your tools and give it a whirl. Your diapers will get clean, and you’ll get a workout too! 

For more cloth diaper tips and tricks, check out our blog! We answer your most commonly asked questions to help make your cloth diapering journey a success. If you’re still shopping for cloth diapers and accessories, browse our shop for affordable and adorable cloth diaper supplies! 

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