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How to Store Cloth Diapers Between Babies

How to Store Cloth Diapers Between Babies

How to Store Cloth Diapers Between Babies

Discover the cost-saving benefits of reusing cloth diapers for multiple children in this informative blog post. Explore the importance of safely storing cloth diapers between children to ensure their longevity and effectiveness

The ability to reuse your diapers for multiple little wildlings is one of the best parts of cloth diapering. You save money on the first child you cloth diaper. But, where you really save is that second kid! For this reason, safely storing cloth diapers between children is a big deal. 

Your cloth diapers were an investment. This means you need to care for them and store them like priceless commodities. The last thing you want is to pull out your cloth diapers after a couple years and find the PUL cracked and your inserts moldy. So, today we’re going to teach you how to store cloth diapers between uses. 

Cloth diapers in a basket with the text, "How to Store Cloth Diapers Between Babies."

How to Store Cloth Diapers Between Babies

Remove Stains

First up, remove stains before storing. Those stains sitting for months or years on your cloth diapers will darken over time. When you pull them out again, that stain will be SET. No removing or sunning it out! So, before you pack them away, sun, scrub, or stain treat the diapers and get them as white as can be. 

Strip and Sanitize 

Any lingering bacteria or detergent will eat away at your diapers while they’re packed up. So, before you store them, strip and sanitize them. You can find instructions on how to strip here. (There are lots of ways to strip, so feel free to search other ways too!) To sanitize, soak in bleach water and thoroughly rinse. Here’s more detail on how to sanitize. Let’s make sure those diapers are crisp and clean! 

Dry Extra Well

After you do your last wash, make sure the diapers are extra EXTRA dry. Any moisture sitting in the diapers can lead to mold and mildew. There would be no saving your reusable diapers after years of growing mold. So, let everything sit in the dryer or out on the line a little longer. Especially if you live in a humid climate! 

Store in a Safe Place

Next, you’ll want to store them in a cloth safe space. Reusable cloth diapers need a few things. First, they need a cool environment. Extreme heat can wear on the elastics and waterproof lamination on your covers. So, store inside where it’s temperature controlled. Not in attics or garages. 

Second, they need a dry spot. (We’ve discussed why this is important.) Avoid basements and garages that may accumulate moisture. If you must store in one of these places or live in an especially humid environment, layer your diapers with tissue paper to soak up any humidity in the air. 

Third, store your covers in a way that doesn’t strain the elastics and snaps. We recommend you store unsnapped and unstuffed to keep everything tight and secure. Lastly, you need good airflow. Air circulation helps keep everything dry, maintains elastics, and prevents damage to the fibers. Here are a few containers perfect for storing cloth diapers: 

Images of a cardboard box, dresser, mesh container, canvas bag, and pillowcase.

Keep Out Bugs

Since you’re not storing in an airtight container, there is the threat of bugs. Obviously, it depends on where you live and other environmental factors. But, regardless, you should take preventive measures. Thirsties recommends adding a cedar block or lavender sachet to the bags of diapers to keep the bugs away. We love this tip! 

How to Store Cloth Diapers Between Babies: Remove Stains, Strip and Sanitize, Dry Extra Well, Store in a Safe Place, Keep Out Bugs.

Proper cloth diaper storage is vital for protecting your investment and ensuring useful cloth diapers for years to come. 

Cloth diapering is great for your wallet, your family, and the environment. But, in order for you to get the full value of cloth diapers, they need to last. Storting them properly makes all the difference! So, if you’re headed toward potty training, think ahead to your storage plan. 

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