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A pod and wetbag in the foreground with an Alaskan landscape in the background. Text reads: "Pods and wetbags: what's the difference?"

Pods and Wetbags: What's the Difference?

Pods and Wetbags: What's the Difference?

One challenge of cloth diapering is storage. When you use disposable diapers, it’s easy to shove a small package of diapers in your bag and toss each one out when it’s soiled. But, when you cloth diaper, you need a place for clean diapers and soiled diapers. Pouches for disposables just don’t work for cloth diapers since they’re an entirely different shape. 

To solve this problem, wetbags and pods were born! They're some of the best cloth diapering tools out there, but what are they exactly? What’s the difference between them? What are they used for? Are they mandatory for successful cloth diapering? We’ll explore all that below. Check it out: 

Pods and Wetbags: What's the Difference?

A pod with a honey themed print sitting on the grass.


First up, what are pods? Pods are rectangular, cube-shaped pouches that fit stuffed pockets, all-in-ones, and all-in-twos perfectly. Right from the laundry, your diapers can stack in the pod, so they’re ready for a busy day out or a long vacation. Pods are just the best for keeping everything organized and easily accessible! 


  • Fit around 10 diapers
  • Loops to attach straps
  • Moisture-resistant material
  • Machine washable 
  • Fits perfectly inside our diaper bags

An arrow pointing from a pod to a diaper bag that reads, "Pods fit perfectly in our diaper bag."

Ways to Use

There are a number of ways to use pods! They’re a super functional accessory you’ll probably find yourself using all the time. To put it simply, pods are used to hold clean diapers. If you’re traveling, store and organize your diapers in pods. Or, if you’re just leaving the house for a short trip, pack a pod with baby essentials instead of a big diaper bag. 

Other moms love using pods to store snacks, toys, or toiletries. You could even use them as packing cubes or an overnight bag to hold clothes for a trip. In general, a lot of baby items fit perfectly in a pouch of this size. And, if something leaks? No sweat. (Literally). Remember, the fabric is water resistant. 

Wetbag with a honey themed print on the grass.


Wetbags aren’t a structured shape like pods. They’re just flat, rectangular bags that come in a variety of sizes. The primary purpose of a wetbag is to store soiled diapers. Their water resistant fabric holds waste in and traps in the odors until it’s time to wash. 

You can use wetbags at home, when running errands, or when on vacation. Use them whenever you have dirty diapers! (Which, you know, is always.) 


  • Moisture-resistant wet pocket
  • Separate dry pocket
  • Snap handle for carry or hanging 
  • Variety of sizes
  • Machine washable 

Ways to Use

Wetbags, like pods, are a favorite for organization and packing! You can easily pack clean diapers in some while keeping another for dirty diapers. But, most often, people use wetbags to hold soiled clothes and diapers. If you don’t want dirty diapers and clothes in the same pocket, go ahead and separate them using the two pockets. (Clothes in dry. Diapers in wet.)

You can really use wetbags to sort anything, though. Toys, snacks, extra changes of clothes, etc. They’re definitely a favorite for swimming clothes too! And, if you’re taking a quick trip out of the house, pack a wet bag with baby essentials to avoid lugging around that sizeabe diaper bag. 


At the end of the day, use pods to store clean diapers and wetbags to store dirty diapers. You could store clean diapers in a diaper bag or other totes if you want, so they’re not required for a successful cloth diapering journey. 

Wetbags, however, you’ll need! Dirty diapers need a place to go while you’re out and about! At home, you can use a pail or hamper, but wetbags are needed on-the-go. At Alaskan Wildlings, we love both pods and wetbags and definitely recommend both! You can learn more about cloth diapering accessories here

Pods and wetbags are the perfect cloth diaper storage solutions. 

We have tons of pods and wetbags to choose from online. In fact, we even have matching sets! Your diapers, pods, and wetbags can all match if you want. Or, if you have an all-time favorite print, you can enjoy it on the bum and on a cute pouch! 

And, don’t forget to check back weekly for insightful articles on cloth diapering and parenting! At Alaskan Wildlings, we’re not just looking to sell diapers, we want to help moms like you navigate this incredible and sustainable journey you’re on. Our blog provides information, product recommendations, and tips to help make your cloth diapering lifestyle a little easier every day. Let’s do this together!

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