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"11 Best Diaper Bags for Cloth Diapering" with a photo of an Alaskan Wildlings diaper bag and their logo.

11 Best Diaper Bags for Cloth Diapering

11 Best Diaper Bags for Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering requires a lot of pieces, whether you use covers, pockets, or all-in-ones. Between bulky diapers, cloth wipes, pods, and wet bags, your diaper bag fills up fast! And, this is not even including all the regular diaper bag essentials like extra outfits, bottles, bibs, burp cloths, sunscreen, and everything else. 

For this reason, finding a diaper bag that fits your cloth diapering lifestyle can be difficult. You have different needs and more supplies! Your experience on a public changing station is much different from that of your disposable diapering friends. So, today, we’ve sorted through the best cloth diaper bags. Here’s the list: 

11 Best Diaper Bags for Cloth Diapering 

Dr. BFF by JuJuBe

First up, we have the Dr. BFF by JuJuBe. This HUGE high quality back sits upright, which is a huge plus for cloth diapering! The metal pegs keep the bag off the floor or counter, and the doctor's bag enclosure allows everything inside to be visible and reachable when opened. 

So, when you’re changing your little wildling on a small public changing station or on the floor somewhere, there’s no digging around or trying to find room for all your supplies on the small pad or table. Plus, the main large pocket is well-organized and has plenty of space for multiple rows of diapers! 

The Dr. BFF also comes with two kinds of straps, so you can rock it as a backpack or over the shoulder. It has two bottle holder, a tech pocket, a front compartment with additional organization, and a flat back pocket (perfect for well check papers). You’ll have plenty of room for all your diapering supplies! 

The bag is also completely machine washable and has a lifetime warranty! It is a bit on the pricey side, though. And the bag is more wide than tall, meaning if you have narrow shoulders, the backpack straps might be too far apart. Luckily, it comes with shoulder straps too. And, based on customer reviews, few regret buying this handy bag!

Dikaslon Diaper Bag Backpack

Here’s a great Amazon find that comes at a great price! If some of these diaper bags are a little out of budget, this one’s for you. It’s the classic backpack style, but it also has top straps and stroller straps. The bag comes with a matching pacifier case and changing pad, which makes the price point even better.

Uniquely, this diaper bag opens in three accordion-like compartments. The front pocket has three insulated bottle compartments and a mesh pouch. The second section is all for diapers! It has long thin pockets for disposable diapers, though. So, you will probably find it more functional to use the third main pocket for diaper storage. That main section keeps everything organized with various compartments that are all available from the top while it sits free standing. 

The bag features additional pockets, waterproof polyester fabric, and a beautiful gender neutral design. Some have complained that it’s not quite as spacious as it looks in the pictures and the straps could use more padding. So, if you’re looking for a ton of space to carry diapers for multiple little wildlings, it might not be the best choice. But, with thousands of five star reviews, it could definitely be your perfect diaper bag—for mom or dad!  

Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack

Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are legendary for their unique bottom organizational compartment. Bags in their “inter-mix” collection have optional inserts that are like luggage cubes for your diaper bag! They can be removed and transformed into a handy to-go caddy for easy diaper changes. Or, they can be taken out and strapped to the stroller to keep everything in arm’s reach. 

The bag does get pricey once you purchase the bag and all the accessories, but if you are an organizer that loves little bags and compartments, it’s worth the price! Plus, if you’re a cloth diapering mama, you could skip the inner organizer, and use that large bottom pocket to store your diapers. It’s the perfect size!

The main pocket opens like a standard backpack. So, your items are only accessible when the bag is fully zipped down. Inside, there is a mesh pocket for your changing pad and other accessories. Additionally, the front has the perfect pouch for all of your personal items like your wallet and keys.  

There’s one insulated bottle pocket, a top grab handle, and stroller rings as well. This isn’t the largest bag on this list, but lots don’t like bulky bags. If you want something spacious, but compact, this is a great choice for you. 

Vera Bradley Weekender Travel Bag

Got multiple in cloth? This spacious weekender travel bag will keep enough diapers for the whole tribe. It’s an over-the-shoulder bag with top straps to give you options for carrying. It sits upright and features exterior bottle/drink pockets and an organizational zipper section. 

The main pocket is perfect for lining up diapers, and the mesh pockets around the spacious pouch offer all the space you need for diaper cream, wipes, extra bottles, formula containers, and more! We will warn, it’s a duffle bag style, so it’s not quite as sturdy as other options on this list. 

This bag comes in a ton of great colors that could definitely be gender neutral. And, since it’s meant to be an adult weekender bag, there will be plenty of room for any cloth diapered outing.

Aside from space and pockets, remember, it’s not a diaper bag specifically. So, it might be missing some key features. But for all the space it has, it’s not too bulky and the strap is super comfortable! It's definitely worth considering. 

Four diaper bags

Diaper Pods

Some of you are super minimal. We love that! It might be why you decided to cloth diaper in the first place. That being said, these huge diaper bag options with millions of pockets might be super overwhelming and inefficient for you. 

Diaper pods are specifically made for cloth diapers. They’re small, square, and feature waterproof fabric, loops for a strap or handle, and a zipper. Our diaper pods at Alaskan Wildlings hold up to 10 stuffed diapers! If you’re going on an outing and don’t need that many diapers, the rest of the space can go to wipes, wet bags, bottles, and other baby must-haves. 

It’s super minimal and compact, but it’ll get the job done. And, if you like the idea of a diaper pod inside of one of your big diaper bags for added organization, that’s a great way to use them too. Check out our full selection of pods here. 

Lily Jade Shaylee Bag

Here’s another selection for the maximalists out there. This bag doesn’t come cheap, but it’s super function and super stylish. It’s full grain leather with high quality lining, silver hardware, zippers, and feet. Can you say luxury? 

Yes, it’s pricey, but it includes a huge organization insert, a changing pad, backpack straps, stroller straps, and a cute leather tassel. And, did we mention it’s super cloth-friendly? The organization insert is rectangular in shape with a flat bottom, meaning you can line lots of pockets or flats inside! 

The insert has an insulated pocket, bottle compartments, a tech pocket, and can easily be removed to strap on a stroller or take into a public bathroom. (Plus, it can be tossed in the wash!) The bag itself doesn’t have external bottle pouches, but it does have a few thin exterior pockets for other things.

This whole bag stands upright too, which we love for cloth diaper changes! Overall, this Shaylee Bag with its organization insert is a fantastic cloth choice. 


The CleverPack from Cleverly Bags is the double-decker bus of diaper bags. It’s a backpack style that zips down in the front, and has pockets sewn in horizontally, so you pack it like a shelf. We think this is so smart. Because when you unzip the front of the bag, things don’t spill out!

There is a two-tier shelf and four pockets with elastic bands. You can pack a ton of diapers into the top or bottom (or both) of the bag, and use the second shelf for extra outfits, food, burp cloths, or other diaper accessories. In addition to the intuitive main pocket, there’s a large mesh pocket. We love that when this is unzipped, you can see everything. Nothing is hidden! 

There are a total of five bottle/drink pouches. Yes, FIVE. Enough for you and a couple little wildlings! The front pocket also includes several zipper pouches for you to keep your own items or additional baby necessities organized. This bag also comes with a matching changing pad! 

A few other features we love is the built-in wet bag. Yep, built in! And, the bag features a wipe pocket that’s on top of the bag, meaning you can pull those things right out to clean up messes in the car, stroller, or public bathroom. Genius! 

The prints on these bags are a little wild, and of course, these bags are huge. But, if you love a little color and don’t mind wearing a big pack, this is a great cloth diaper selection. 

Itzy Ritzy Boss Plus Backpack

Here’s another quality diaper bag brand! The Itzy Ritzy Boss Plus backpack can be a cloth diaper mom’s best friend. It has nineteen pockets within this handy bag. One of our favorites is a mesh pocket that acts as a net to keep everything in when you zip down the front of the bag. 

In that main compartment with the net, you can stack up quite a few pocket diapers! Plus, there are internal bottle pouches and plenty of other pockets to keep everything ultra-accessible. The bag comes with a changing pad that fits perfectly into a back pocket (later in life, this could fit a laptop!) On the outside there are two more drink pouches and a front pocket for all of mom and dad’s essentials! 

Additionally, the bag comes with a unique rubber foot that keeps not only the bag off the floor; it keeps it from sliding all around. The only downsides come from the high price and the washability. Unfortunately, you can only spot clean this bag with a damp cloth, unlike other options on this list that are totally machine washable. Other than that, this Itzy Ritzy Boss bag is definitely a leader! 

Four more diaper bags

Alaskan Wildlings Diaper Backpack

Our Alaskan Wildlings diaper backpacks are not only good for cloth diapers, but they’re also MADE for cloth diapers. (Because we know cloth diapers. Duh!) These handy bags are just the right size, not too small or too big. And they come with a ton of useful accessories! It has stroller straps, a changing pad, a bottle bag, a zipper pouch, and a shoulder strap. 

It’s made of luxurious PU leather and comes in limited edition Alaskan Wildlings prints that are breathtaking on the premium fabric. The bag itself has two external drink pouches with handy elastic bands to ensure nothing falls out. The front panel unzips for a unique access point that allows you to grab anything you need. No digging required! 

The main pocket can hold a ton of diapers, and there are additional mesh pockets for your other accessories. There’s also a back zipper pocket and a front zipper pocket for all your organizational needs. You can carry this bag in two ways: top carry or backpack-style. We love that this handle also makes it easy to hang the bag on the wall by your front door. 

What makes this even better? It’s only $55, which makes it the best bang-for-your-buck on this list. And, if you love our other products like our handy diaper pods, wipe bags, and wet bags, those fit perfectly (we mean PERFECTLY) within our quality cloth specialized diaper bags. 

Thirsties Simple Tote Bag

If you’re not all about the big bags, but a pod is too small, this Thirsties tote is a great choice! Thirsties is a cloth diaper brand too, so they know the needs of a cloth diaper parent like yourself. This tote is just a big open waterproof space, so you can store anything you like in any way you like. 

It comes in a number of cute prints, and can be used for more than a diaper bag! It could be a reusable grocery bag, a work tote, or really anything you want. There’s not much to it, but for a lot of you, that’s what you want! Something simple and versatile. 


We’ve got one more Cleverly bag on this list! This one isn’t gargantuan like the CleverlyPack, but it gets the job done. It’s made more like a purse, as it’s taller and narrower and features a shoulder strap and top straps. It still has a ton of Cleverly’s signature pockets (7 to be exact), including two bottle pouches on the outside. 

The fabric is water resistant and comes in several bold prints. The interior pocket can definitely fit a few bulky, packed diapers. And the extra compartments make it easy to keep the important stuff reachable. It’s small and cute, but can definitely carry what you need for short, minimal trips to the store or out to the park. 

Three diaper bags

Cloth diaper bags need to carry all your essential diaper supplies while staying functional and travel-friendly! 

Cloth diaper bags shouldn’t only be spacious, but the space must be intuitively designed for the unique challenges of cloth diapering while you’re out and about. Easily accessible pockets, self-standing bags, and compartments large enough to organize lots of diapers are some essential features cloth diaper parents seek! Make your list of must-haves, and we’re sure you can find a bag on this list that works for you.

Got more cloth diaper bags? Tell us about them in the comments! We’d love to help connect more cloth diaper parents to the right bag for their organizational style. For more cloth diaper information, check out our blog! We post helpful tips and tricks for your parenting and cloth diapering journey each week. 

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