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Oos Yadi Inserts - 5 layers of cotton/bamboo blend


Introducing our exceptional Oos Yadi Cloth Diaper Inserts! Designed to enhance the absorbency and performance of your cloth diapers, these inserts offer superior comfort and leak protection for your little one.

Each Oos Yadi Cloth Diaper Insert is expertly crafted with five layers of premium cotton bamboo terry blend. This carefully selected blend provides excellent absorbency, efficiently soaking up moisture to keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable. The natural fibers of cotton and bamboo are not only highly absorbent but also soft against your baby's delicate skin.

To further enhance the performance of our inserts, we've added a top layer of Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) fabric. This innovative layer offers quick absorption and efficient moisture-wicking, ensuring that your baby stays dry even during extended wear.

The five-layer construction of our inserts provides maximum absorbency and helps prevent leaks, keeping your baby's skin dry and free from irritation. Whether you're using them during the day or overnight, our inserts are designed to handle heavy wetting and offer reliable protection.

Compatible with most cloth diaper brands, our Oos Yadi Cloth Diaper Inserts are versatile and easy to use. Simply place them inside your diaper cover or pocket diaper, and they will fit snugly to provide the absorbency your baby needs.

Not only do our inserts offer exceptional functionality, but they are also eco-friendly. By choosing reusable inserts, you're making a sustainable choice that reduces waste and contributes to a greener planet.

Experience the difference of high-quality diaper inserts with Oos Yadi. With their five layers of cotton bamboo terry blend and top layer of Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ), our inserts deliver unbeatable absorbency, comfort, and leak protection. Trust Oos Yadi to provide your little one with the best in cloth diapering solutions.


The pine trees are roughly 16 inches long unwashed. 

The pinecones are roughly 13 inches long unwashed.